get a grasp on unified communications #1: productivity + control = a better work life, every day

I am a teleworker. I have the luxury of working from home. Everyday. I work for a big, global company, and as luck would have it, I get to work with people and teams from all over the world. No easy task, this. Time zone issues, cultural issues, translation issues and yet… I have never been more fulfilled in any job. Why? Lots of reasons, really, but most importantly: productivity and control.

Productivity, because I have an amazing arsenal of tools with which to do this work. Throughout any given day I use audio conferencing, video conferencing, chat, email, voice mail, mobile phones, and even my iPad to make it happen.

Control, because I can use these tools to connect with people in the way that suits them, and me, best – which enables us to get an amazing amount of work done – even when one of us is up at 5:00am to make it happen (usually me – and trust me, not on video). All of these tools are part of a Unified Communications platform deployed by my company. These tools make my collaboration and work life easier. Every day. (now if they could just do something about my messy, messy office.)


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Brenda Belleville

I've been with Orange Business for 7 years.  I'm a self-professed technology junkie and haven't met an innovation I don't like.  One of the best parts of working for Orange is interacting with global customers - there is always something exciting going on somewhere in the world - and our customers are doing some of the most exciting stuff of all.