the new workspace: anywhere, anytime, any device

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what is the new workspace?

Technology and the way we work are changing.  Being continuosly connected is becoming just as important as the work we deliver.  Whether on the train, at home, at an event or in a meeting, you need to collaborate and get in touch with people using the device(s) you have on hand: smartphone, tablet, phablet or computers.

Dan Dacosta from Solution Marketing at Orange Business defines the new workspace as: "the combination of the devices, the applications and the services, that let people work from anywhere, at anytime using any device".

a real challenge for businesses

Beyond the improvement of productivity, this flexibility for employees represents a challenge for businesses: security of the network and data, device management, and efficient collaboration tools to lead projects anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

To learn more about the new workspace, take a look at these slides:

Olivier Rubellin

Olivier Rubellin

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