NFC: this changes everything

We already know that NFC will eliminate the need for physical credit cards, debit cards and public transport tickets by storing them all on our smartphones. But what about for  municipal services such as public pools, libraries, gyms and waste disposal?

NFC: accessible technology that simplifies daily life

NFC technology should be used to facilitate nearly everything. This means making it easier for residents to access city services, and also streamlining municipal IT infrastructure, which is not typically standardized since equipment is added gradually over time.

users' NFC journey

It’s very likely that new services will use the same login credentials as other services already using NFC, such as public transport with the Calypso standard.

Standardizing and simplifying services will benefit everyone: cities, regions and citizens. Nathalie Leboucher, Senior Vice President, Smart Cities at Orange Business, will notably speak on this topic at the International RFID Congress.

governments and several major cities get behind NFC technologies

Many cities worldwide are already taking action to launch these NFC services. Public transportation users in Dubai, for example, can now use an NFC phone to purchase and use subway and bus tickets. And a library in Hannō, Japan, has added NFC tags to its bookshelves so that users can easily access online information services, reserve books and make book purchases.  

launching NFC is a top priority for France

France is in a position to be among the first (or even the first) countries to launch standardized NFC on a massive scale. Many different companies are already working on this technology in France, such as Orange, Ingenico, CNA, Oberthur and Gemalto.

France has a unique opportunity to introduce NFC technology into our daily lives, and then export this expertise elsewhere.

Learn more by attending the International RFID Congress on October 8 and 9, 2013 in Marseille.


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Damien Legrand

En rejoignant Orange pour assurer le Business Developement du NFC (ou Near Field Communication) j’ai fait le pari du succès du NFC.

Toute ma vie professionnelle a été rythmée par des révolutions technologiques comme l’iMac chez Apple puis la video sur internet avec Akamai… Pour moi les technologies sont passionnantes dans la mesure où ce sont les utilisateurs qui en font des succès ou des échecs. L’affectif, le design, l’ergonomie sont des éléments clefs pour emporter l’adhésion du public.