NFC highlights from #MWC12 (THE mobile event of the year)

An integral part of my daily Paris metro experience and thus dear to my heart, Near Field Communications advances are making my life easier. I could use more NFC in my life, so I was happy to learn some NFC news by following coverage of Mobile World Congress from Orange.

You couldn’t make the event and are a fellow NFC fan? No worries, I’ve selected some blog highlights for you:

money money money

“On stage at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012. ISIS CEO, Michael Abbot painted a future where no one will need a physical wallet but simply use their mobile phone to swipe, tap, bump to make a transaction. In an ISIS study with 18-34 year olds in the U.S. and UK, the majority felt more naked without smartphone than without their wallet. When asked, if they would use a mobile wallet, only 15% said ‘yes’ but 70% said they wanted a safe, secure and convenient payment system.” Read the full post here.

new deals and partnerships

A slurry of NFC deals and partnerships were announced at Mobile World Congress. If you’d like to learn more about . . .

  •  Visa + Intel
  •  Mastercard + DeviceFriendly
  •  Sony + Gemalto

. . . then please click here.

Finally, a little cherry on the cake for you; dream with me as you flip through this presentation on how NFC is changing our world:

What NFC marvels are you experiencing, or dreaming about?

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