how does Cisco apply a BYOD policy?

I particularly liked this humoristic video from Cisco which deals with fears about the adoption of BYOD.

IT dept vs. nomadic workers

Here is the pitch : a paranoid Information System manager is facing mobile workers, who are connecting to several networks via new devices (tablets, smartphones…) and gorging themselves on bandwidth: videoconferencing, software as a service, and document sharing tools, etc.

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BYOD: tons of possibilities

For employees, the new workspace delivers flexibility and invites mobility:

  • work on your accounting software from your iPad
  • participate in a video conference from your smartphone
  • collaborate on enterprise social networks, sharepoint etc.

objectives and issues for the IT department

For the IT department, challenges are linked to security and educating remote workers:

  • apply the same smart functionalities for wired and wireless networks
  • establish a unique security policy
  • analyze the bandwidth use of the network users

is it so simple ?

So, Information System managers and remote workers, is it really so simple to establish a BYOD policy ?

Olivier Rubellin

Olivier Rubellin

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