[blogbook] the digital workspace in a flash

New or mobile workspaces, the mobile office, future workstations, office 2.0: the recent explosion in mobile work tools powered by new technology goes by many names.

some figures on the evolution of mobile work

Here are some interesting figures that reflect this evolution:

  • 63% of employees work from a mobile device at least once per week.
  • About 40% use at least three different devices throughout the day.
  • And over 16% telecommute.

Mobility is chipping away at traditional place and time constraints, upsetting work habits. Businesses must adapt to this technological and cultural revolution.

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In fact, they have to adapt because the nomadic worker has in his hands new tools, namely:

In addition to instant messaging, options such as voice-over IP, conference calls and videoconferencing have taken interaction to a new level. With high-speed uploads, 4G makes it possible to transfer large files. Thanks to reduced lag time, 4G also makes videoconferencing more powerful and effective than ever.

This blogbook dedicated to the digital workspace (that’s what we’ll call it) aims to shed some light on these new uses, and determine what businesses can do to surf this new wave of mobility, while still optimizing user experience.

Discover without any delay our latest blogbook: the digital workspace in a flash!

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Olivier Rubellin

Olivier Rubellin

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