Are you ever totally 'out of office'?


Like many of you I've been on my summer holidays. Before I went away, I diligently agreed holiday cover arrangements then set voicemail and email messages to 'out of office' mode. However, on both voice and email messaged I left an option to send me a text for anything really urgent as it was the thing most likely to work on my way through rural France and I could ignore email for most of the time.

Then I checked with my family. My wife (MD of her own company) prefers email as the emergency contact. She was checking it on her iPhone every few hours while I was driving, though she was keeping data roaming off for most of the time to keep costs down (she pays her own bill). My teenage daughter's strategy was to only communicate through Facebook, and only when she could get wifi on her iPhone (also pays her own bill).

I wonder what others do? Do you prefer to check email, voicemail, or have people call you? And what does your family do?


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Peter Glock

With management roles in sales, marketing, and strategy I have over 30 years in IT and telecoms specializing in transformation projects.