how M2M can help manage chronic diseases

In September, I interviewed Brian Niznik, Senior Director of business development of Qualcomm Life, the wireless health segment of Qualcomm, to see how M2M technology is changing the health care industry. 

Remote monitoring solutions are allowing data to flow securely and privately from patients' devices at home to doctors and thus, help millions of people manage their chronic diseases. With growing aging populations, especially in Europe, these solutions will enable doctors to manage their patients at home and get instant access to their medical data. Patients will be able to minimize visits to the doctor's office and rest assured that their health conditions are being monitored at all times.  



Alexandra Hong

After graduating from Montpellier Business School in France and Coventry Business School in the UK, I worked for 6 years in internal communications as a business partner and internal culture and events manager within Orange Group. I'm now responsible for M2M communications at Orange Business Services.