comments on: Gartner Says the Personal Cloud Will Replace the Personal Computer as the Center of Users' Digital Lives by 2014

In a recent article on Gartner's website there's an interesting list of 5 Megatrends. For our customers  we see the same trends driving business behaviour. The trends are:

  1. Consumerization — You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  2. Virtualization — Changing How the Game Is Played
  3. "App-ification" — From Applications to Apps
  4. The Ever-Available Self-Service Cloud
  5. The Mobility Shift — Wherever and Whenever You Want

I'd like to add one more trend:

  • Generation Y grows up around the world

The reason that this is probably the most important trend is that Gen Y expect everything (especially other people and information) to be available everywhere, instantly. It's no surprise that under 25's have declining use of email and that mobile device penetration and usage has overtaken the PC, especially outside of the 'West'.

If you work in or with non-Western markets, what's your experience of working with Generation Y?

Peter Glock

With management roles in sales, marketing, and strategy I have over 30 years in IT and telecoms specializing in transformation projects.