eHealth: three big trends #OBL13

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Now that Orange Business Live is over, here’s a quick summary of what happened on the eHealth side with Thierry Zylberberg.

According to him, information and sharing information is at the heart of the health sector. For example, information flows will grow seven times  between 2012 and 2015… and at the same time, the world population will only grow three times! In short: there’s a data explosion. And this is why we came up with the three main trends of the eHealth sector:

Cloud Computing in eHealth

Nowadays, pieces of information are hosted outside the health sector itself. As a result, there’s a need for data storage facilities to take good care of all that: hosting, processing, sharing, securing, etc.

Internet of things and eHealth

We see more and more connected devices such as connected cardiac implants, connected pumps, connected breathing machines, connected stethoscopes, and even ingestible computers. What will these objects do? They’ll create data. And we’ll need to let them live their lives: does a patient have a heart issue? We need to warn his doctor. Maybe the latter needs to access to the patient’s medical history… and so on and so on.

securing health data

Just like anything in the health sector, there’s the privacy side. It doesn’t change when it goes online:

  • who can access the data?
  • when can he access it?
  • from which device?
  • etc.

quick conclusion

These three main trends (and others) make the eHealth market grow at least two digits a year. From a general standpoint, it is a place where everything’s thriving and dynamic…