[infographic] multichannel CRM: going with the flow

The digital revolution has profoundly changed the relationship between brands and consumers. Today, customers have multiple points of contact with brands, forcing contact centers to evolve rapidly to offer high-quality multichannel customer experiences.

Each channel corresponds to different expectations, though the digital maturity of different industries needs to be kept in mind. We're seeing the following trends in the industry:

  • simple, yet urgent requests are easily served by chat, but also Facebook or Twitter.
  • complex, but not urgent, requests can be addressed via email. 
  • complex requests that require specific customer support are best served by telephone.

In response, many businesses are beginning to adopt multichannel contact centers based on the cloud. While the productivity gains and cost reductions initially justify these projects, businesses will also improve overall customer experience.

The infographic below thoroughly illustrates these trends.


Thibault Gilardoni

I am a senior consultant at Orange Consulting, an Orange Business consulting company. I specialize in customer experience. I work on various topics, from customer data analytics to contact centers and collaboration 2.0. What is the common point with all these projects ? Digital, of course, but also the importance of the human dimension !