[infographic] digital customer experience: build trust, inspire loyalty, improve services


While the digitization of customer relationships might be seen as an obligation, it is also an incredible opportunity for differentiation through exceptional customer experiences. These new technologies and applications are key to:

  • understanding customers and the market: big data is the new black gold!
  • simplicity via use of technologies, such as NFC, Bluetooth, low energy, geolocalization, and improved customer journeys: customers don’t like “disjointed” experiences, especially when interactions lack any perceived value, for example making a reservation, paying for an item, or confirming membership in a loyalty program.
  • more trust, more loyalty, and ultimately more engagement: customers have become responsible consumers, which are more demanding; at the same time, they know how to transform into brand ambassadors, ready to enlist in transparent, give-and-take relationships with their preferred brands. 

The following infographic illustrates these issues:



Thibault Gilardoni

I am a senior consultant at Orange Consulting, an Orange Business consulting company. I specialize in customer experience. I work on various topics, from customer data analytics to contact centers and collaboration 2.0. What is the common point with all these projects ? Digital, of course, but also the importance of the human dimension !