The network becomes the computer; Borg versus Enterprise?


We see that Cloud computing in general and all kind of "X as a Service" models may reduce the workstation to a dumb terminal more and more. Just like in the eighties where the Client/Server model was very popular. The main difference between now and then is that the central computer is not necessarily a single mainframe anymore and traffic between client and server does not necessarily consist of a P2P connection. Nowadays , the Server side are multiple CPU's and storage devices that can be expanded on demand if capacity or changed if more functionality is needed. This means that data can be everywhere and even data files itself may be split up and geographically scattered over different physical devices. Beside data storage laws, compliancy and vendor lock-in consequences, IT managers consider security as a major headache they need to deal with when engaging computer power and functionality taken from the network nowadays.

Marcel van Wort

Marcel is the Managing Consultant specialized in Information Security and Green IT at Orange Business with more than three decades of experience in ICT. He is an active member of the Orange Green Act program committed to achieve Green IT, sustainability and CSR goals at Orange Business and help our customers with their digital sustainability transition. Marcel likes mountain biking and is on a mission to develop ways to use CO2-neutral bio-fuels in motorsports while racing the Dakar Rally 2023.