Synthesio's Trey Pennington: "Web Intelligence Is About Human Intelligence"

Trey Pennington is not your average Web expert, he is one of the most connected persons in the World (11th most connected person on Facebook) and that certainly made him aware of what Web influence means and how to use it. Trey is - apart from being a renowned social media consultant - working on behalf of Synthesio, a French independent software vendor specialised in sentiment analysis and web intelligence, in order to help them develop their business in the US and the UK
In this 7 minute video interview recorded a few weeks ago in Paris, France, Trey explains to us how important sentiment analysis and Web intelligence are. "There is an immense amount of data and activity on the Web" Trey declares, and this is why one needs that kind of tools in order to "collect the data, organise it, categorise it and make sense of it all".
In essence, all this is not just meant for data collection but, above all, "to take action" Trey adds. One of the best anecdotes in this video is this example about this company, which analysed sentiment in different countries about the same product and obtained the same result but... not for the same reason. In one country sentiment was based on the product itself and in the other country, it was based on the spokesperson. 
Yann Gourvennec

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