Orange Business at Likeminds 2010 in Exeter

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On February 25, I will be representing Orange Business at Likeminds 2010 in order to present our business case of using social media for brand advocacy. Whether it's outstanding advocacy is open for debate I guess, as I wouldn't want to sound too emphatic and remain humble. It's probably more for others to say I suppose. By way of introduction, the likeminds people have posted a very nice introductory post on my keynote pitch. Here it is:
Keynote: 'Social Media and B2B: How to Build Outstanding Advocacy' I love what Yann and his team have done at Orange Business. It is a fantastic example of how you can use social media to solve a problem and generate ROI in a B2B environment. It shows how social media is game changing because it allows you to do something that logistically would never have been possible before. What I like even more about what Yann has done is that he has done it in a way that any business (large or small) could do it. He may not like my Blue Peter analogy, but its like he's set up a social media cottage industry in the midst of the corporate world where digital sticky back plastic and virtual washing up liquid bottles are employed to build the equivalent of 'e-advent crowns and electronic desk tidies.' Here's one I made earlier There is one particular story he tells about how his team initially used Windows Media to create and publish heavily produced and edited videos before realising it was blocked by firewalls so none of his corporate clients could see it anyway. They scrapped that and started shooting ' one take only' in house videos with little or no editing on YouTube - and hey presto - thousands of views! As an open source advocate, this is something that really excites me! I think it gets to the core of what makes social media great. It is just so honest. read on at
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