[infographic] what does the new workspace look like?

If you’ve been to a technology presentation any time in the past 5 years you know it goes something like this “If I were to ask 5 people their definition of (insert technology here – cloud computing, security, unified communications, etc) I’d get 5 different answers.” And typically that statement would be followed with a definition to ensure that everyone had the “right” answer.

But what if there were a new way of working that embraces the 5 different answers?

A new way of working that says being different might be exactly the right answer. It’s all about personalization both at the corporate and at the individual level. New workspaces are about selecting the right tools and services to drive productivity, enhance the worker experience and ultimately be more collaborative.

so what does your new workspace look like?


Brenda Belleville

I've been with Orange Business for 7 years.  I'm a self-professed technology junkie and haven't met an innovation I don't like.  One of the best parts of working for Orange is interacting with global customers - there is always something exciting going on somewhere in the world - and our customers are doing some of the most exciting stuff of all.