infographic: unlocking the value of big data

Wherever you sit, either as user or IT decision-maker, the cascade of data from so many sources is obviously growing. What isn’t always obvious is the extent of its impact on our organizations: from HR’s need to find data scientists, to existing business analysts, to hardware engineers looking for data center designs that can handle it all – we’re all in this together. Big Data is getting a lot of attention right now, but the need for new software and computing infrastructure to handle both the volume, and the unstructured nature of this data, is here to stay.

This infographic is a call to action for many of the people in your organization, not just IT. We hope it can help spark the conversations that need to happen.

PS: you can also find it as a downloadable Powerpoint presentation here!

infographie on big data


Nicolas Jacquey
Mark Plakias

Ancien analyste d’industrie avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le tracking d’évolution des plateformes digitales, Mark gère les flux de connaissances dans la Sillicon Valley d’Orange à San Francisco, attachée aux bureaux de la stratégie corporate.