Customize your invites to simplify your meetings

Last Christmas a friend of mine attended a Drivers Awareness Course which is aimed at improving the way people drive. Unfortunately, he had been “invited” to the course after the local police had spotted him running a red light. He was shocked when he realized that most of the people attending the course were there due to using their mobile phones while driving.

My commute from work to home is usually very short, and I tend not to take any conference calls while I am driving. However, I have seen customers and colleagues struggling with the keyboard or asking someone else to call them when they need to input a telephone number plus passcode for a conference call while they are on the road.

Part of this is due to the inflexibility of a Skype for Business Meeting for E3 or even E5 users.


The Orange Skype for Business service offers Custom Invite according to a number of group policies, without end-user administration. The user just clicks on the “Join Skype Meeting” button, and a customized invite appears with information such as the cheapest way to call (local numbers for different countries) or numbers and passcodes in the same string. The purpose is to make the life of the end user simpler. And it works.

Orange offers Conference Access Numbers across 128 countries in different flavors: local numbers, toll free and shared revenue, for example. Recent examples where Orange is likely to be the sole global service provider include Bosnia, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Philippines. But it is not only about coverage, it’s also about mastering local regulations and ensuring that customers and end users get service on time.

That’s why at Orange we take very seriously the user experience at every level: At the administration level, managers are able to access the global web portal to manage their access numbers. At the user level, employees are able to click on the customized meeting invite and start an audio conference or Skype meeting. Just do not click on it while driving.

Thinking about moving? At Orange we offer number portability in 100+ countries.

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Javier Sanz-Blasco

Javier holds an MBA at Henley Business School (UK) and has more than 20 years’ experience in Unified Communications. He currently works as Sales Executive at Orange, where he maps the business requirements of the biggest multinationals to a service. An avid reader and former chess player, he enjoys hiking with his family the mountains of Picos de Europa in Spain and long distance running along the Thames River.