Creating co-innovation ecosystems for a customer-focused future

Why is co-innovation important for enterprises today? How can we boost it in our ecosystems? These are two important questions that business leaders ask themselves and are precisely what we focused on at Hello! Americas, our customer event recently held in Mendoza, Argentina.

More than 50 of our key customers in the region gathered with us to discuss these questions, hear more about the technologies and trends that are transforming companies in Latin America and also engage in live demos and networking sessions.

We know that the companies most likely to thrive in our complex and rapidly changing world are those that can co-innovate and collaborate quickly. It’s all about creating a data-driven, future-focused, customer-centric business.

Using innovation to remain competitive

It is now almost impossible for companies to develop business solutions in isolation; cross-fertilization with other industries is imperative. This ecosystem helps bring new ideas, market knowledge and skillsets to the forefront.

One of the key points enterprises must consider to remain competitive is how the strength of their people and the quality of their data can drive smarter digital growth. By 2025, over 60 percent of the data in the world will be created by enterprises, according to IDC.

The ongoing digital transformation of enterprises has also contributed to the new ecosystem, which is totally open and driven by heavy data usage. This Internet of Enterprises is where machines, platforms, employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, both within and outside businesses, are constantly connected and can exchange information to optimize the way they interact and create more value.

Some of the discussions we had with our customers were related to how IT teams have a great opportunity to enable critical business strategy, as well as the importance of having quality data in the right place, at the right time, with just the right balance of openness and security.

We all agreed that placing co-innovation firmly on the boardroom agenda also has a lot to do with the human aspect of technology. Co-innovation not only helps business ecosystems generate revenue streams and launch more compelling products more quickly, but it also enhances customer experiences.

In the end, it’s all about the end user experience. During our discussions in Mendoza, speakers and panelists shared their insight, for example, about how AI and automation will play a big role in improving customer experience and employee satisfaction, while reducing operation costs and ensuring compliance.

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José Renato Gonçalves
José Renato de Mello Gonçalves

With more than 15 years of experience in information technology and telecommunications sectors, José Renato de Mello Gonçalves is Head of Latin America at Orange Business. In his role, Jose leads the Sales and Pre-Sales teams in the implementation of the company’s strategy to become the trusted partner for our customers’ digital transformation in Latin America.