Creating co-innovation

Next week I’ll be in Barcelona attending the Hello!World show, the annual Orange Business customer event. Our CEO Helmut Reisinger will be presenting a plenary there about the "Data Journey" and our thoughts and ambitions around co-innovation.

Data is big business nowadays – just look at how well Google has done with a business model built entirely on data. But it is not just important to companies like Google, who essentially trade in data, it’s important to your business, too. Data is valuable, and you need to look after it.

Data provides opportunities but also challenges, not least of which is securing data. Cybersecurity is a vital part of the data journey. All the way along the stages of the data journey – from collection, to transport and storage, to processing and analyses, and finally to share and create – data must be protected at all times. During Helmut’s talk, he’ll discuss how we at Orange Business can help your organization with your data journey.

Helmut will also be talking about the "Internet of Enterprises" and how we are endeavoring to become the leader in this space. As part of that vision, we recently acquired three companies that are key to this ambition: Business & Decision, cybersecurity experts SecureData and cloud services company Basefarm.

We’ll be posting content from Hello!World on our social media accounts at LinkedIn and Twitter, using the hashtag #HelloWorld19. Follow the hashtag to see more about Orange Business and our customers at Hello!World 2019.

Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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