Social media team at Orange business Live 15-17 June Amsterdam


During the event, a social media team with a group of international well famed bloggers will be blogging live about what happens at Orange Business Live.  
They will interview clients, participants, after the plenary sessions or conferences. Besides, a webtv as well as web radio studio will be set up in order to record debates or interviewes directly on location. Those readers who are not able to make it to the event will nonetheless be able to keep in touch with what happens in Amsterdam thanks to our twitter handle @orangebusiness, which will lead them to the right resources on our blogs and other media.
Follow the event with hashtag #orangelive10
Discover our Social media team's members


Stefan Kolle
As an innovator, Stefan has spent his working life on the edge of the future in ICT, media and finance. While staying rooted in the practicalities of business life, this has uniquely positioned him as someone who is able to translate visionary ideas and technologies into the language of technical and financial departments, as well as that of marketers.
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Twitter @futurelab_be

James Moffat

Digital Business and Marketing Consutlancy including web design, email marketing, search engine optimisation, web analyitics, pay per click, viral marketing and more.
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Twitter @growwithorganic

Jacques Froissant
More than 18 years of operational consulting in executive search (Top and middle management) and human ressources management
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Twitter @Altaide_jf

Kristen Sukalac
Extensive experience working in a multicultural, multilingual environment. Knowledgeable about environmental and other sustainability issues, particularly with regard to global food production.
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Twitter @Ksukalac

Andrew Gerrard
"I'm a consultant in social and digital media, helping businesses and organisations take advantage of the opportunities that online presents for them. I work with clients to understand their goals and business requirements; building, developing and executing strategies and tactics that create trust, value and benefit both within and for their organisation."
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Twitter @andrewgerrard

Benjamin Ellis
He has worked at the cutting edge of communications technologies for over two decades. He has been an IT manager, a consulting engineer, a product manager and on the executive team of a number of UK and US-based companies. His efforts have moved business from start-up to over $1 billion in sales
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Twitter @BenjaminEllis

Marc Tirel

e-learning & organic projects consultant, partner at In principo. What drives him is to understand how worldwide networking of people will impact the world of companies, individual behavior and society.
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Twitter @mtirel

Joanne Jacob
Joanne Jacobs consults in social networking technologies, and is a business coach, trainer and strategist for digital marketing practices
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Twitter @joannejacobs

Gabrielle Laine Peters
"I have over 15 years experience in Marketing/PR/Advertising gained in Corporate, Sport & Non-Profit sectors; roles covering New Business Development to Strategic Planning[...] I'm now concentrating on combining my aptitude for connecting & communication to enable SMEs, non-profits & Freelances to utilize Social Media. Helping to build solid Networks by word of mouth & face2face interactions. "Real Time Communication is Key."
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Twitter @GabrielleNYC

Glenn Le Santo
Writer. Journalist. Broadcaster. Photographer. PR. Social Media commentator. Speaker. His specialties are social media, mobile, people, travel
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Twitter @lesanto

Hervé Kabla
Co-founder of blogAngels with Deborah Elalouf. BlogAngels mission is to assist french companies in their "Corporate Blogging" and "Social Media" strategies. Hervé main interests are social media, web 2.0, blogs, corporate blogs, social networks, corporate communication, and e-reputation
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Twitter @hervekabla

Sophy Caulier
More than 20 years of experience as a professional journalist in various publications, in France but also in Italy or in England. Also a writer, she trains managers to improve their media experience.
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Twitter @SophyCaulier

Will also be part of the Orange business social media team:
Anthony PlewesStewart Baines and George Malim from Futurity media
As support with the webtv, Webcastory
Rob EvansYann GourvennecJoel Aouizerate and myself from Orange Business


Alexandra Operto

Entre Janvier 2010 et Juin 2011, j'ai travaillé dans l'équipe de communication externe chez Orange  Business Services en tant que community manager. Mon rôle était notamment d'animer les blogs d'Orange Business, et de les faire évoluer. Mais aussi de gérer la page Facebook, et le compte Twitter d'Orange Business @orangebusiness