Would you choose between slavery, bribery and theft to keep your job?

How far are you prepared to keep your job? Findings from a recent survey suggest that staff will do almost anything – and if they can’t, they will take sensitive company data in order to secure further employment.

The Cyber-Ark survey of 600 office workers in Wall Street, London’s Docklands and Amsterdam found that a third would double their hours AND take a pay cut to keep their job. If you think that this is undying love for their employers, think again. This is self-preservation. According to Cyber-Ark, which is not surprisingly a security firm, “…these workers are using their IT privilege access rights to conspire behind their bosses’ backs to download vital, useful and competitive information to take with them if and when they get the push."

And alarming number of people have already sifted through competitive corporate data and ready to walk out of the door with it should they be made redundant. Over 70% said that if they did get the chop they would take that data to the next employer. There are a quite a few revealing results but they should be taken with a large pinch of salt…


Stewart Baines
Stewart Baines

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