spam and businesses over a coffee [blogbook]

We're so used to receiving spam that we tend to forget about it: this is something we learned to live with. However, the fight against this “pain in the network” keeps on going. Even worse, it evolves. Besides, spam in your personal mailbox is pretty different from the one you find within a corporate network.

Unfortunately, spam isn’t under the spotlight (not as much as Cloud Computing or BYOD for example) even though it’s something pretty important.  That’s what this blogbook* is all about: making sure people are aware. So here’s a sneak peak: apart from the basic spam explanations, you’ll find…

businesses sending spam

Most of the time, when we talk about spam, we think about the one we find in our mailboxes. But what about the one we actually send? Indeed, when our computers are compromised, they can turn into spammers. And when you have a corporate network to support spam campaigns, it can go far…

spam: the war and its evolution

Another major thing is to understand how spam is evolving: close the door, it will come in through the window! Spammers have good economic sense and since the fight against spam has upped the cost per click, they understood they had to find a new way. And this is how spam 2.0 was born

another trick for the road

Last but not least, this blogbook will tell you what time and date are the most dangerous in terms of spam and why that. And oddly enough, you’ll see it’s close to marketing: targets, messages and so on will be the main vocabulary!

download the spam blogbook

To download the blogbook, you can go to the library where you’ll also find the other ones (cloud, BYOD, VLANs, DDoS attacks, etc.)



*In case you don’t know what it is, a blogbook is a PDF file you can download and print for free. It gathers blog posts around a topic (in this case, spam and its cyber security issues) so that you don’t have to look for all the pieces of the puzzle: everything will be in the blogbook, in one place.