merry christmas: here's our VLAN security best-of! :-)

"We use VLANs to logically segment networks located on a single physical medium. However, this implies a certain amount of risk. In addition to the risks posed by separate physical networks (etherpin use, for example), other risks have emerged. The present collection of blog posts aims to help you understand and combat VLAN security risks, so you can best protect against and combat the most common “basic” attacks."

blogbook what?

Come on guys, you must have seen one of ours already! We've released two blogbooks so far (cloud computing security and denial of service attacks) and they basically gather blog posts around a common theme so that you don't struggle finding relevant content accross blogs. Bonus: you can download (and print) them for free!

The goal of this one is to bring you relevant content around... VLAN security!

so VLAN security you said?

Here's what you'll find in this blogbook:

  • why is ethernet important?
  • what's the VLAN hopping attack?
  • what's a  private VLAN?
  • how to use it to better secure your VLANs?

All you have to do is to click here and download it! :-)

what's next?

So if you liked this one and/or you'd like to learn about other stuff we've already published, you can find all the security blogbooks here and if you have anything you'd like us to cover for the next issues, please drop us a comment! :-)

Thanks and merry christmas!