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Normally Tuesday is our Security theme day, but given the recent Mobile World Congress and Orange’s live blogging coverage, I thought you might enjoy some fresh mobile security news.

new for your security shopping list

According to blogger Frédéric Lardinois, mobile security was a frontline event theme considering:

“with the proliferation of mobile malware that can do anything from downloading your contacts list to a remote server to sending you pricey premium SMS messages, as well as a general trend toward letting employees use a mobile phone of their own choosing [BYOD], the issue of mobile security have become far more pressing.”

Topping the vulerability issue, there’s more business opportunity for hackers as

“[they] can now rely on an established infrastructure for selling personal information and other data, making the whole business even more attractive and lucrative for these criminals.”

Hopefully companies like Kindsight can create more mobile security for us all. Frédéric provides a nice zoom on Kindsight’s new Android security tools, including insights from Kindsight VP Brendan Ziolo. Read the full blogpost here.

mobile malware doom for 2012?

Yann Gourvennec covered an interesting press conference lead by Kaspersky Security, whereby Kaspersky himself paralled the rise of mobile malware threats to those of PC viruses in the early 2000s.

Yann blogs that, “Kaspersky and his teams fortunately do not predict that a mobile IT apocalypse will take place in 2012 but they are pretty certain that Android will be the main target for massive attacks and that 2012 will see the rise of the first massive worms for Android as well as ‘malware’ in official market applications.”

To see a striking chart entittled “Mobile Malware Growth” and learn more about Kaspersky’s insights, plus – bonus – get practical tips for protecting your device against such threats, read the full post here.

(Fortunately I have not jailbroken my device, so according to Kaspersky I’m on the safer side.)

One question though; given that the theme seems to be Android security vulerability, do you think we’ll see businesses shifting towards corporate Apple use?

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