BYOD and mobile security: best of!

The graph below speaks of itself, the BYOD phenomenon has reached its highest and we're going to be able to talk about real applications and business cases. The hype period is over!

Therefore, it's the perfect timing to gather our most relevant blog posts around this topic to allow us to reach as fast as possible what Gartner calls the "plateau of productivity" (see below).

emerging technologies

source: Forbes

and there we go for another blogbook

You know the concept by now: we gather blog posts around a topic to have them all in one place, ready to download and (why not) printable. So now, if you're interested to have content around Bring Your Own Device and mobile security, there you have it! :-)

In this issue, you'll find:

  1. a summary of the threats a mobile can face
  2. the reasons why a company should prepare for BYOD
  3. points of views (pros and cons)
  4. practical stuff to answer the questions raised before

Interested? Download it right here! ;-)

last words

If you guys would like us to tackle a specific topic in a coming blogbook, please tell us (with a comment maybe?).

Otherwise, you'll find all our other blogbooks here.