best-of: denial of service attacks, volume #2!

We had content, you liked it... then why not write another blogbook dedicated to denial of service attacks? We couldn't see why so here's the sequel of our first DDoS blogbook! :-)

what's a blogbook again?

In case you don't know, here's a quick explanation: we thought you guys would like to find in one place contents that are disseminated all over the Web. Plus, at some point, it's nice to be able to download and/or have a physical copy of whatever interested you right?

A blogbooks does all that:

  1. it gathers blog posts around the same topic
  2. it's a .pdf document
  3. you can download it for free and, why not, print it

and what are we talking about this time?

One of the author says it all:

"In this second blog book dedicated to denial of service attacks, you will learn all about “commercial” DDoS services and one technique used for amplification attacks. You will also discover the likelihood that you too will take part in illicit operations — without your knowledge. Finally, you will see that the DDoS phenomenon has only just begun, thanks in part to cloud computing services."

Enough talking... There you go: download it here!

what's next?

You can find all the security blogbooks here and if you have anything you'd like us to cover for the next issues, please drop us a comment (you've got the form below) and we'll try our best to tackle it! :-)