best-of: denial of service attacks blog posts!

"Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are among the least understood of IT security threats. From a technical standpoint, launching a DoS attack is easy. Protecting against these attacks is a challenge. The key is not to react to a DoS attack, but to act before such an attack even occurs."

After our first English blogbook about security and cloud computing, here goes the second one around denial of service attacks.

the blogbook concept

For those who aren't quite familiar with our blogbooks, the concept is pretty simple: it is about gathering blog posts around a common theme and reformat them so that you can read them offline (as a .pdf).

The goal is to allow people to download it so that you can avoid looking for "these blog posts around DDoS you know?". Of course, one handy thing is that you can also print them! ;-)

so what's in it?

Very quickly (I don't want to steal the show):

  1. what's a DDoS attack?
  2. how bad can it be?
  3. how to test your infrastructures?
  4. what experience we have regarding such attacks?

So here it is... all you have to do is to download it... for free!

what's next?

You can find all the security blogbooks here and if you have anything you'd like us to cover for the next issues, please drop us a comment (you've got the form below) and we'll try our best to tackle it! :-)