and our 2012 best blog posts are...

By tomorrow, 2012 will be over. So what better day to showcase our best-read blog posts from 2012? Let's remember what topics you guys were most interested in!

Enjoy and have a great New Year's Eve :-)

infographic: why the connected age needs IPv6

The number of connected devices is growing, and each one needs its own IP address. The existing addressing system is based on IPv4 which provides 4.3 billion addresses. With over 50 billion connected devices expected to be in use by 2020, we need more addresses than IPv4 provides. Enter the era of IPv6... (read the blog post)

surf anonymously on your iPhone or Android phone using Tor

You can now browse the Web anonymously on your smartphone. Windows, Linux and Mac users have been able to browse anonymously for a decade by using the onion router (Tor) network. By using the "Tor Browser Bundle" it's really easy to set up. And this capability is now available on some smartphones... (read the blog post)

infographic: security & BYOD

The security risks of BYOD are on the minds of many people at the moment, especially following the Mobile World Congress and the RSA Conference. To help get a handle on how BYOD impacts corporate security, we've created this infographic... (read the blog post)

7 tips for getting CCSK certified

The Cloud Security Alliance’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is designed to assess knowledge of IT as a Service security. Passing a certification test is always a challenge, since you can never be sure whether there will be trick questions, what topics will be covered, etc. Here's my experience and some tips! ;-) (read the blog post)

the future of networking, at the speed of light

What's the purpose of playing 2800 videos at the same time? Well, it’s all about showing the future of networking (and IT) in the next few years in fact, and this is no small change. Let’s dig into this forthcoming revolution in the way that we will surf the Web, entertain ourselves and do business... (read the blog post)


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