Gartner Peeks Insides the Digital Transformation of Orange Business

Digital transformation is what Orange Business tries to do for all its clients and a new Gartner report titled Orange Business Drives Digital Business Through People and Workplace Transformation  pulls back the curtain on how we’ve been able to achieve that within our own company. We realized early on that we needed to use tech to change how people worked and how much of a daunting task that was. It required training a global workforce with new skills; creating an open, collaborative work environment; and bringing IT and HR together to drive that change across the organization.  It was a complete reengineering of Orange’s corporate soul.

Digging into the Gartner report you can see some of the “out-of-box” thinking we applied to tackle the problem:

  • Shadow Management – Orange created a shadow team staffed with new talent and younger workers that would provide their own answers to the problems faced by exiting executive teams. By doing so we were able to create “positive disruption,” allowing a fresh perspectives on issues to surface.


  • Orange Eureka – A skills discovery program that used big data analytics to give managers a 360-degree view of employees’ skills in real time, identifying potential skills gaps and how best to fill them. Thanks to Eureka, the time it took HR to identify necessary skills improved by 20 percent.


  • Orange Plazza – Orange’s internal built platform in which 86 percent of all employees use to collaborate, communicate, store and share resources, and post to social media. The “like” and comment features of the platforms allows mangers to find specific skills sets of people within the organization to build out a project team. There are now over 8,000 communities on Plazza helping people connect on specific tasks.


The full Gartner report is free to download here. If you are a business struggling with digital transformation take look at the report and apply the same techniques in your organization. By undertaking the challenge on our own, Orange is the best prepared to show you the way.

Erwin Lutz

Erwin is in charge of industry analyst relations for the Americas  at Orange Business. His mission is to deliver an exceptional experience for  leading influencers. Erwin energizes the Orange message to ensure analysts have the best working knowledge so they can act as their customers' trusted partner. 
A self-confessed foodie, Erwin can usually be found at home in the kitchen developing rich specialities such as Bolivian sauce. Apart from would-be celebrity chef, Erwin's hobbies include teaching his six children how to be self-sufficient.