International SOS: Where digital transformation helps to save lives

Digital technology is no doubt an enabler in the modern world. From the smartphones in our hands to CT scanners in hospitals, digital tools are transforming our lives. For some of us, these digital tools merely add convenience, such as by giving us the ability to easily and remotely message a loved one to let them know you’re on your way home. But for others digital technology is utterly crucial and they can’t do their work without it.

When your job could literally save lives, the digital tools of your trade need to be completely reliable. Anything less means there’s a real risk that you won’t be able to carry out your tasks properly and this could have very real consequences.

International SOS provide emergency medical and security services around the world for the top Fortune 500 companies. The range of their work includes everything from evacuating their members from war zones to helping worried parents deal with a child’s medical emergency. For International SOS, communication is key to everything they do and it not only needs to be reliable it has to be always-on and reach everywhere.

When choosing a partner to provide a reliable worldwide telecoms infrastructure International SOS were mindful of just how vital these services were to their ability to secure their members, so they took great care in deciding who to work with. They needed a worldwide footprint, a totally reliable system and they wanted to feel comfortable with the partner they chose.

“We get our telecoms infrastructure from Orange in 120 different locations around the globe,” explained Group CIO at International SOS, Richard Davies. “We chose Orange because they matched our footprint and also because we felt there was a close cultural fit between us. From a technology point of view we have to choose people who we can work with in a flexible way, who understand the diversity of our business. This is something we felt we got from Orange.”

Companies need reliable and expert partners to support and guide their digital transformation to enable them to do their work efficiently and reliably. Even if an organisation’s mission isn’t life-critical, their ability to carry out that mission, and their profitability, depends on getting this partnership right. In these circumstances it makes sense to choose partners that come well-recommended and have a proven track-record of delivering their digital promises.

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Glenn Le Santo
Glenn Le Santo

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