world premiere demo of inter continental super speed CDN by Orange at ISC12 Hamburg on June 18

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At the end of a previous blog post entitled “the future of networking at the speed of light”, we were hinting at the future developments of our research on high speed networks. We were even mentioning that one of our future plans at Orange Silicon Valley was to tackle the issue of high speed content delivery across continents, which is even more tricky  than the earlier experiment. So here it is,  the announcement of the forthcoming demo, most probably a world premiere, at ISC 2012 in Hamburg on June 18th.

ISC 2012: Groundbreaking Global range High Density Content Delivery Demo (booth 660 - Xyratex booth)

Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) will demonstrate one of the first (if not the first) global range video streaming demo over intercontinental distances via Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA). This demo will be performed in partnership with OSV, Energy and Science Network (ESNet) and Bay Microsystems where RDMA on 40Gbps was proven to be possible over 40Gbps wavelength over 11,000 Km.

Several hundreds of HD 1080p video streams beamed from a remote Lustre File system on a Xyratex storage appliance and streamed across global range of 11,000KM to a video wall comprising of multiple large screen HDTVs situated at the Xyratex demo booth in Hamburg, Germany. Pair of specially configured Global Infiniband Extension Switches from Bay Microsystems will enable a delay simulated distance equivalent to an intercontinental range of 11,000km between the video file-server (Lustre appliance from Xyratex) and video-playback systems.

This demo will illustrate that it is possible to:

  1. create/store content locally and share via RDMA enabled streaming globally, instantaneously – ON DEMAND
  2. fill the 40Gbps pipe to near (95%) of theoretical limit of 40Gbps/QDR InfiniBand (32Gbps) without any loss of video quality while streaming from storage at a distance at global range!

Here is a video of the previous demo performed at IBM information on demand show in last Vegas in Oct 2011 (see the "journey to the open grid" presentation on slideshare)

[En] how to play 2,800 videos at the same time... by liveorange

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