end-user experience is key, especially for networks part 2

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In a previous blogpost, Bob Gilbert told us how network infrastructures were under a lot of stress with all these new and exciting technologies such as Unified Communications. And he mentioned that what could help “strengthen” networks was a performance platform. So, what’s a performance platform? He’ll tell you it’s all about analyzing, optimizing and controlling. Let’s dive into that…

first step: analyzing

Going back to that Unified Communications example, he says that to understand what the end-user experiences, you have to get deeper into the network. Where are the data hosted? And where are you supposed to deliver them? To how many people? Etc. Basically, it’s about drawing a roadmap to have a clearer visibility over the whole thing.

next: optimizing

After that, Bob says it’s all about coping with challenges like

  • high latencies
  • limited bandwidth
  • application sharing
  • etc.

Delivering UC over a IT infrastructure will ask for some optimizations along the way so that the end-user experience goes smoothly and efficiently.

finally: controlling

The last step according to Bob is to make sure that what you do is not impacting another service. Say user A needs X resources and user B needs X+3. Well you’ll have to control your infrastructure so that by giving B what he needs, A is not penalized.

So there you go: this is how you get to optimize networks so that it can smoothly run and so that the end-user experience remains untouched! :-)


Rémi Chambard
Rémi Chambard

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