schedule for day 2 of our press tour in the Silicon Valley


I have been invited to tour the Silicon Valley with a selection of French journalists from the IT press. During this tour I will represent Orange Business and will report in near real-time from the San Jose area about all the startups and high tech companies that we will be able to meet with.

schedule for day 2 of our press tour in the Silicon Valley

This is the schedule for the second day of our visit to the Silicon Valley in California:

1.       We'll be having breakfast with the people from Quantum, a leader in deduplication, a technology which enables data centers to be leaner while indexing file segments and eliminating duplicates (when required, the files can be regenerated from the pointers created by the software). We will be meeting with Bill Britts and Jerry Lopatin, respectively EVP Sales & Marketing and EVP Engineering,

2.       A10 networks will be next on this second day agenda, still in San Jose. A10 networks is a company dedicated to innovative networking and security solutions. The Founder and CEO Lee Chen will be our host for this session,

3.       Our last session on that day will be taking place at the Mountain View Computer History Museum where we will be listening to a pitch by Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, who took over from Bill Gates when he stepped down from Microsoft a few years back. Ray Ozzie is also famous for being the founder of Lotus Notes (acquired by IBM) and later on Groove networks, a ground breaking P2P technology for professionals, later acquired by Microsoft and integrated within Office 2007 professional (although it seems to be the world's best kept secret and I'm still wondering why).

I will report in real time from the Silicon Valley on all these companies, so please stay in touch with us through our virtual presence on this blog and also our posterous blog at as well as our webTV on which I will post the video clips of the interviews I am able to conduct over there. Our Twitter account @orangebusiness will help you keep track of the feeds as they are being published. French users will be provided a French translation of these reports on an on-going basis via

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