Orange innovates part 2

Some examples of cool stuff emerging from Orange and our partners:

Portable papers
Read&Go is a digital newspaper developed by Orange in partnership with leading French dailies like Le Monde and L’Equipe. The e-paper is slightly smaller than an A4 sheet, with a 1GB memory and a Wi-Fi and 3G connection that allows it to automatically download content every hour. The Read&Go uses a polarised microbead screen so you don’t need the backlighting of a traditional LCD. This means less eye-sore and longer battery life. There’s a demonstration video at Orange Innovation and another on You Tube.

Home Library
Orange and data storage specialists LaCie have developed the Home Library, a multimedia content server. The offering consists of the LaCie Internet Space network hard drive and the Orange Home Library software and is the first time that an operator has integrated a family digital library with remote access into its product line-up. It’s got a large 500 GB drive, can be accessed remotely and synchronized with the Orange My Data online storage service.

Connected cars
At this year’s Paris motor show, Orange demonstrated the FlyBox, an in-car version of the award winning home gateway LiveBox. FlyBox features a 3G modem and integrated SIM card, and passengers can use it for work related activities or not (games, music etc). You can plug an iPod into it, a portable games console or connect a Wi-Fi enabled laptop. Up to four devices can connect simultaneously. You could even use the connection to stream music live from your Home Library hard drive. Toyota and Lancia are expected to make FlyBox available during 2009.

Dorne Lovegrove

I am Head of Regional Marketing Communications and Operations in the Indirect, Middle East and Africa Region.  
I am driving the digital transformation of the marketing function in this region.  Among my favourite types of challenges are the ones that involve bringing people together to deliver a project, and I like the challenge of delivering  “wow”. I have a passion for the new digital world, and I am often caught immersed in this when I should, in fact, be walking my dogs.