Jean-Philippe Vanot talks innovation at Orange Business Live 09

Jean-Philippe Vanot, Executive VP of the Innovation Marketing Group at France Telecom, made a video appearance at Orange Business Live to highlight the work his team is doing with regard to next-generation products, as new technologies enable a raft of new services.

Vanot highlighted four issues which are critical to future service growth:

  • How to manage and control three parameters: identity, authentication and location. As service users have multiple identities for different services, depending on the role they are playing - for example consumer or employee - managing this will be a significant challenge in order to ensure the necessary levels of security. Location-based services will prove a major challenge.
  • How to integrate web applications and open source technology into global architectures. While these products offer many benefits, including the availability of already-developed offerings which do not require additional bespoke developments, there is still the issue of integration to be addressed within a global ICT ecosystem.
  • How to optimise both storage and traffic routing. With an increased amount of intelligence throughout the network, from infrastructure to devices, effective management of storage and networking resources is critical. With devices connected to the network able to produce "big bursts of traffic", efficient data management is a critical issue to enable the most efficient transfer of data.
  • How to provide customers with user interfaces which promote "emotion, simplicity and intuition", as devices become more intelligent. Vanot highlighted Apple's iPhone and Nintendo's Wii as particular success stories, both of which have been praised for their user experiences.

Once these issues have been addressed, Vanot argues there will be "big, big growth" - an "I'm pretty sure we will be able to play a key role, and drive growth for the good".

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