How Orange approached B2B advocacy, by Yann Gourvennec

 Yann Gourvennec
is head of internet and digital media at Orange Business, and a 20+ veteran of marketing and digital media, founding one of the web's earliest marketing blogs in 1996, which he still runs today. Yann is widely regarded as an expert in B2B Social Media.
He participated at Like Minds 2010, where he made a presentation :

"Like Minds is an organisation dedicated to Making Action Accessible. We were founded in 2009 amidst the boom of Social Media, where communication was drastically changing, and knowledge was overflowing - creating both the opportunity and the necessity for us to act and turn our ideas into reality."
Alexandra Operto

Entre Janvier 2010 et Juin 2011, j'ai travaillé dans l'équipe de communication externe chez Orange  Business Services en tant que community manager. Mon rôle était notamment d'animer les blogs d'Orange Business, et de les faire évoluer. Mais aussi de gérer la page Facebook, et le compte Twitter d'Orange Business @orangebusiness