Skills shortage slows UAE ICT advance


A lack of training is preventing firms benefiting from ICT in the UAE according to a recent Dell/Economist Intelligence Unit Survey, which found that 32% of UAE-based respondents are concerned about the shortage of skills. The survey also reckons that the main reason that ICT has not had a larger benefit for UAE firms is the scarcity of experience of deploying new technologies. 68% of UAE respondents also said they would have to look abroad to recruit individuals with the requisite skills. Globally, 39% of respondents said they'd look overseas to recruit suggesting the skills shortage in the UAE is twice as acute as the worldwide average.

Nevertheless, steps are being put in place to address the skills shortage over in Bahrain. The Tamkeen Labour fund and the Bahrain Institute of Technology have agreed a US$859,000 deal to train 120 systems administrators. The trainees will join a six-month course which will comprise nine IT certifications and help alleviate the demand in the IT sector.

Stewart Baines
Stewart Baines

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