Open Trade seen by an end user

We already told you about Open Trade in this blog, here and here. Two days ago we read about it in an article written by a user of Open Trade.
First let’s remind you what is Open Trade, it is an innovative instrument of communication dedicated to traders. In fact, this instrument includes several functions into a unic device.
For instance, it allows you to store hundreds of numbers, enables quick contact to anyone. The conversations are recorded and you can personalized your material to your own business thanks to the programmable interface and an API.

It is also an important point for conversations and information amalgamating voice, email, video, internet applications and instant messaging.

In this article, Mr John Meadows sums up the utility and the performance of the product in this sentence : « Upgrading our technology to Open Trade was a must for us, it's simple to understand, manage and was easy to deploy. The desk space saved has been immense and the sound quality has made a huge amount of difference to our brokers. Open Trade is the future of trading technology and incorporates all the different applications a modern trader needs with efficiency. Orange Business - Trading Solutions has a clear grasp of what is required in a trading room and have considered all aspects thoroughly »

To read the entire article based on a user experience of Open Trade, click here

Watch the video demonstration here

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