Peter Glock on network cloud security in a solution session #orangelive10

Article written by Yann Gourvennec
Cloud security is the highest issue, Glock says introducing his pitch on security requirements in the network.
Peter Glock from Orange Business Services is asking questions about data confidentiality and who uses encryption on their laptops. Even though a majority has confidential or sensitive data on their laptops a minority is using encryption. However in certain areas like Massachussets in the US it's compulsory for businesses to use encryption in order to be compliant. Orange Business Services operates - amongst many other places - in Massachussets Glock adds.
Alexandra Operto

Entre Janvier 2010 et Juin 2011, j'ai travaillé dans l'équipe de communication externe chez Orange  Business Services en tant que community manager. Mon rôle était notamment d'animer les blogs d'Orange Business Services, et de les faire évoluer. Mais aussi de gérer la page Facebook, et le compte Twitter d'Orange Business @orangebusiness