Orange Business goes Live in Amsterdam 15-17 June 2010

What is Orange Business Live?
the annual event and meeting for Orange Business clients (European & emerging markets) will take place in Amsterdam on June 15-17. Orange Business Live is the worldwide event providing:
a direct touch point between our organization and our customers and an effective environment for face to face communications
a channel for customer to learn about and feedback on our solutions and services and an opportunity for customers to understand our strategy and direction
a  well rythmed event: plenary, buzz sessions, videos, demos, networking, external and internal speakers, partners village with a focus on networking and interaction

This year's focus?

This year's session is aimed at addressing to the following questions:
Is your business ready to leverage new growth opportunities?
How can innovative IT strengthen your position in the upturn?
Where should you invest for success?
Social media team

During the event, a social media team with a group of international well famed bloggers will be blogging live about what happens at Orange Business Live.  They will interview clients, participants, after the plenary sessions or conferences. Besides, a webtv as well as web radio studio will be set up in order to record debates or interviewes directly on location. Those readers who are not able to make it to the event will nonetheless be able to keep in touch with what happens in Amsterdam thanks to our twitter handle @orangebusiness, which will lead them to the right resources on our blogs and other media
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Alexandra Operto

Entre Janvier 2010 et Juin 2011, j'ai travaillé dans l'équipe de communication externe chez Orange  Business Services en tant que community manager. Mon rôle était notamment d'animer les blogs d'Orange Business, et de les faire évoluer. Mais aussi de gérer la page Facebook, et le compte Twitter d'Orange Business @orangebusiness