what is the Asian telco's market like ?

Many thanks to Eric Ng, Vice President Global Communication Solutions, Asia Pacific at Orange Business for his time to do this interview. I appreciate it ... :-)

Nowadays, the market in Asia Pacific is growing very quickly and it is a very dynamic area for doing business.
In this video, you will learn from Eric that the Asian market is a mix of the different types of countries (emerging markets like Vietnam or Indonesia & advanced communication markets like Japan or Korea). These markets can adapt very quickly the most advanced technology. On top of that, it is relevant to take into account the generation X and Y because they adopt very well to telco's and they are using very advanced levels of social networks.

Concerning the technological trend, Asia is well known for its very big manufacturing base but now it is becoming an innovator !
Finally, he gives a few tricks to bear in mind about Asia such as the culture and the different ways of doing business ( a lot of things are not based on contractual obligations but built on trust).
Asia Pacific is changing very fast so it is essential to have a detailed plan and to be flexible when entering this market. In fact, Asia is a market where everything can change overnight...

To watch the video, click below:

And you, what do you think about the attractiveness of the Asian market ?


Photo: David ILIFF / Wikimedia

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