Middle East identified as major WiMAX growth area

According to research from Infonetics, the fundamentals underpinning WiMAX deployments in some markets will see deployments forge ahead despite the threat posed by future mobile broadband technologies. It says that India will be the clear market leader, followed by Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Brazil. The number of WiMAX subscribers in each of these regions is predicted to roughly double or triple each year through to 2011.

"WiMAX has gained such momentum across so many regions that it is no longer sensible to suggest that WiMAX growth will be flattened by the emergence of LTE in the next few years," said Richard Webb, directing analyst at Infonetics for WiMAX, WiFi, and mobile devices. "In populous countries with poor national telecom infrastructure, such as India, Brazil, and Africa, there is a lack of broadband services, and even of basic voice services, which is a significant driver for WiMAX adoption."

The report also warns that WiMAX will only have niche applications in other regions, such as Western Europe, where it will be largely used for SME markets and for public service applications.

Stewart Baines
Stewart Baines

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