the evolution and the importance of the cloud

During my interview with Alex Rigaldo, Cloud Computing Chief Operations ( thanks a lot Alex for your contribution !) at Orange Business, I asked him these three questions. Let's see below a few details from his answers:

Virginie: Can you give us the main trends in the cloud? 
Alex: Cloud has been very dynamic for the last 3 or 4 years. It started with Software as a Service, the most known, especially for online emails for instance.
Today, the main issue is how to implement a proper deployment of cloud computing throughout a large organization...

Virginie: Why is it important for multinationals to take into account their cloud system? 
(He gives us three main reasons)
Alex: Firstly, it reduces your IT costs...
Secondly, the Y generation: they do not like to come in a company and use very slow, old and want to use very cool tools, they use at home...
Finally, cloud allows to expand easily in other regions. (In the video, he gives examples with Brazil and China).

Virginie: From your point of view, what will be the evolution of the cloud area in the future?
Alex: More and more IT departments begin building this global policy bearing in mind users benefits in terms of flexibility used in a secure and reliable way...

Have you got any questions, suggestions or something else to add ? Feel free to share !


Photo: Arun Kulshreshtha

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