Re-thinking data backup

Virtualising architecture provides an excellent opportunity to revamp data backup and reconsider your backup philosophy by taking advantage of the flexible tools of a virtual ecosystem.

In the world of traditional physical architecture, we're faced with the standard data backup players (I won't mention names here). With a virtual platform, we must approach the topic of backup in a different way.

The virtualisation of a platform always involves installing centralised storage. Introducing this component presents an opportunity to re-think data backup by integrating a "disk-to-disk-to-tape" (D2D2T) solution.
The aim of this solution is to shorten the time required for data backup by backing data up on the centralised storage level between categories 1 (production) and 2 (data backup). Once the D2D part is complete, we can externalise data with a D2T step. Since we're treating data from the backup and not production at this point, time isn't an issue.
The storage must therefore be dimensioned according to the desired level of retention. The operation can then be completed through externalisation, using the archive policy of your choosing.

In part 2, we'll look at data backup, not in terms of machines or systems, but in terms of service blocks that must be dealt with in a specific way and according to specific criteria.

Nicolas Jacquey
Christian Chichkine

Ingénieur Avant-Ventes chez NEOCLES,  ma mission consiste en du conseil en avant-ventes et études d'opportunités de projets de transformation d'infrastructures et/ou poste de travail.