A new IT paradigm for user workstations? Season 1 Episode 3


Season 1- Episode 3 - Feedback

This 3rd instalment summarises an article published on macnn.com detailing Citrix System's feedback on its internal implementation of the BYOC concept.

Citrix System has also produced a 4-minute video  on the subject.

The following are key findings from the article:

  • 40% of Citrix System employees purchased a Mac when given $2,100 towards a new computer for the company's Bring Your Own Computer to Work program.



  • Of the 400 employees that participated in the program, 54% believed productivity increased while 17% of managers believed job satisfaction increased.



  • Citrix Systems also reported 20% savings on IT costs per person. Although the workers were given a $2,100 contribution towards their new computer, many workers opted for a more expensive computer with better capabilities.



  • The company utilised desktop virtualization to enable both Mac OS X and Windows as needed.'

The BYOC concept is thus a genuine alternative to costly workstation standardisation and adds real value to both the company and its employees.

Who's next?

Coming soon:  Season 2 - The type-1 hypervisor

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