3 questions about virtualization to George Teixeira, Datacore



On Wednesday, 9th February, 2011, I attended a conference given by George Teixeira, who is the CEO and founder of Datacore Software Corporation.

Datacore is a company specialized in storage virtualization, which believes that virtualization is the strategic driver for IT.

During the presentation, GeorgeTeixeira stated that virtual servers and virtual desktops have increased the demand for infrastructure and related software.

In this video, he gives us his virtualization vision, saying that "when you make software do the hard work, you can take advantage of virtualization."

To reinforce his view, he gave the example of the office printer. He says that when you want to print something, you just have to click on the icon and then the job is sent virtually to the printer. This is an example of virtualization, because multiple machines have been to put into a single one.



We also discussed virtualization applied to storage. Teixeira described how critical disk drives were in large organizations. "We have thousand of different disk drives from many different manufacturers. In this instance, all these different disk drives have to work as one and be presented to users in a very simple way."

According to Teixeira, the key points for virtualization are:
-capacity management
-performance management
-data protection management

Today, virtualization is important because people do not want complexity and are not interested in the technical details. They just want to be able to click on a disk drive and know that they have space available both quickly and securely.

To see watch the interview in full, click on the video here!

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