transforming business with the Cloud in a flash [blogbook]

There we go for another blogbook! But this time, it will be another collection and will deal with cloud computing topics. This one is about transforming businesses with the cloud.

The formula hasn’t changed: this is a PDF file that gathers our main blog posts around a common theme that you can read online or download, print and read in the subway! This way, there’s no need to look through search engines and their huge databases, everything’s right here, under the spotlight.

help you get to the cloud

Having attended several conferences dealing with cloud adoption, I understood that the main question wasn’t why but how. How do you get onboard? And businesses were talking about their evolution, how they went to the cloud, what processes they followed, etc. and other business people in the audience were looking for advices, answers and a perspective; even if they were not there yet, they were all thinking about it.

So if you’re among these people and still wondering how you could get there, stop thinking and download this blogbook. That should help! ;-)



Rémi Chambard
Rémi Chambard

Chef de projet et consultant fonctionnel au sein des équipes ingénierie Microsoft d’Orange Applications for Business, je suis surtout passionné par les dernières innovations technologiques avec une attention particulière aux nouveaux usages émergents.