the real-time cloud in a flash [blogbook]

« The real-time cloud in a flash » : this is our second blogbook* around cloud computing. This time, it will be Jamil Chawki and Gilles Deghilage who will be under the spotlight with their 3 blog posts.

real time: what does it mean for the cloud?

Gilles reminded us that “the Cloud notably aims to improve the agility, speed and adaptability of processes in a distributed, evolving and collaborative world where efficient communication is crucial for innovation”.

Internet and cloud players such as Amazon, Google or Salesforce understood how important real time is within the cloud. They actually revolve around that concept. Our experts have also joined the debate by reflecting on the development of the real-time Cloud from four very different yet interrelated and complementary points of view. These perspectives focus on:

  • networks
  • infrastructure/platforms
  • business processes
  • 4G/LTE mobility

Next, they analyze two concrete case studies: WebRTC, a new standard currently in development that will enable real-time browser-to-browser transfer of audio and video, and cloud gaming, which gives thin clients real-time access to games from the Cloud.

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*If you’re still lost about what a blogbook is, it’s a PDF file that gathers our best blog posts around a common theme. You can download it for free and read it online or even print it as a take-away.