telecom operators have the Cloud in their DNA

Telecom/ICT companies have an important role to play in the world of cloud computing.

While cloud services were first developed and provided by Web and IT companies, telecom/ICT companies have become important players in the new cloud market because they can offer real value.

Pooling infrastructure, operating and maintaining networks and service platforms, usage-based pricing, data security and a detailed knowledge of individual and business markets are part of the DNA of these operators.

five major roles of telecom players in cloud computing

Telecom companies can use their unique positioning to offer high-quality, end-to-end cloud services, from service platforms to IP network infrastructure.

For this article, I have outlined five major reasons telecom companies are well positioned for cloud computing:

  1. Network monitoring: the ability to monitor networks and ensure delivery of cloud services is a major advantage that telecom companies have over businesses that only handle service platforms and data centers (no network, no Cloud)
  2. Operation and maintenance: this includes customer support, large-scale billing, and operating cloud service platforms and networks for several hundreds of millions of users.
  3. User experience and customer relations: telecom/ITC companies have developed a high level of understanding of user experience and customer relations with individual customers, small -and medium- businesses, and large companies.
  4. Trusted partner: customers see these companies as trusted partners with good reputations for data security and privacy. Regional locations are also an advantage. Most companies apply ISO and UIT-T security standards for networks and service platforms.
  5. Service broker: these companies can serve as a broker between cloud service providers and users, thus creating a new role in the market. They can also ensure delivery of cloud services to public and private networks.

successfully migrating to cloud computing services

With their strong position in this field, the Cloud is the opportunity for telecom/ICT companies to successfully migrate to cloud services, which means moving from supplying fixed, mobile and data communications services, to supplying services based on cloud computing technologies.


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Jamil Chawki
Since 2008, I have coordinated cloud standardization activities at Orange Labs. I worked for 10 years developing optic and Internet networks at France Telecom, taking part in 2006 in the development of SaaS activities for 2.0 companies. I also managed a telecom operator in Lebanon, where I introduced an online billing service in 2001. I’m currently head of the work group on cloud standardization at UIT-T and ISO IEC JTC1.